• Privacy Policy

    The Meadow Bank Avenue Estate Limited (MBAEL) is a not for profit organisation and as such does not need to register under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR May, 2018).

    However MBAEL does take the privacy of its members and residents seriously and has created this Privacy Policy under the auspices of the GDPR in order to show compliance with the spirit of the regime.

    The data collected from you and stored by MBAEL are the names and addresses of all residents and members of the Estate, together with the names of all children aged under seventeen. Additionally, telephone numbers and email addresses of all adult members and residents may also be kept, provided that permission to do so is not withdrawn by the people concerned.

    These data are needed to ensure the administrative and communication functions of the MBAEL are completed in the most efficient and simple way possible. The MBAEL has legitimate interests to store these data.

    Data are stored in the form of spreadsheets held by the Directors, together with an electronic store of email addresses for the purpose of emailing both residents and members.

    Data are stored on secured, managed servers which require the use of passwords for access.

    The MBAEL reserves the right to keep a record of the names and addresses of all members and residents and to make these data available to all other members and residents.

    Once a year, all members and residents will receive a communication/ invoice regarding annual charges.

    From time to time, MBAEL will contact you to provide information that it deems to be of concern or importance. These communications will be concise, honest and pertinent.

    At least once a year, a copy of an MBAEL spreadsheet (The Avenue Census) which details the names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of all members and residents, together with the names of all children under the age of seventeen, will be sent to you, via email. The spreadsheet will be password protected for read only access.

    No personal data will ever be made available to or shared with any other third party without the express consent of the members and residents concerned.

    Residents and members have the right to:

    • receive a copy (electronic or paper) of their data that is stored by MBAEL.
    • have their data deleted upon leaving as members or residents of MBAEL after 6 years and provided that there are no continuing matters which may preclude the deletion.
    • only have their names and addresses stored.
    • not have their email and telephone contact details contained within the Avenue Census.
    • not have the names of their children contained within the Avenue Census.
    • have their data kept up to date and accurate

    If you have a complaint or want to change any data stored by MBAEL then please contact any Director. You may do so by any customary method and you will receive a reply within one month.

    The MBAEL hopes that this Privacy Policy will help you understand that it only keeps data that are needed to help with the smooth running of the Company and its affairs. The MBAEL is run by its members for its members. Members’ and residents’ data are kept securely and are only used for the purposes prescribed within this Privacy Policy.

    Thank you

    The Meadow Bank Avenue Estate Limited. May 2018, revised March 2021